Gulabgiri and spirits warehouse shelving

The heavy floored rack shelving system can be used in rose water workshops to better separate and arrange the gallons of rose water and spirits to optimize the rose water storage.

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Light and heavy rack shelf

Light and heavy industrial racking is designed and implemented for the separation of spirits in rose-making workshops.

The solution that is considered for rose water workshops is that there are 200-liter sources of sweat stored on the first floor from the top, and the sweat is taken from the rose water pots to the inside through return and return hoses. The tanker is pumped and during the unloading or loading of spirits, because the tanker is located on top of the shelving at a height of about two and a half meters, it will be easily possible without the need for a pump.

20-liter barrels are arranged in the lower floors of the shelving, which is actually the floor below the tanker.

We can use store shelves to arrange and separate 1-liter and 2-liter bottles of rose water and spirits.


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